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ACEC2010: Digital Diversity Conference

The Australian Computers in Education Conference 2010 (ACEC2010) is the biennial conference of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE). In 2010 the ACEC conference will be hosted by ICT in Education Victoria (ICTEV). For more background on the organisations behind the conference you can read about ACCE and ICTEV.

ACEC2010: Digital Diversity
Date: 6 - 9 April, 2010
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Victoria, Australia

The theme ACEC2010: Digital Diversity addresses the interactive and creative approaches to ICT in education, and offers learners the pathways to adaptability by addressing the diversity of styles of learning and thinking. Never before have we had the opportunities to tune in to learning needs like those provided by 21st century ICTs.

This conference will address this need for flexible technologies for flexible learners. It will examine ways that ICTs can maximize student’s own potential through their personal learning styles. It will investigate how ICTs can allow all people including those with diverse skills and thinking strategies become life long and creative learners. Not only those with diverse skills and thinking strategies, but all.

It will focus on areas such as:

  • School improvement: addressing development and articulation of a vision for the role of technology in school improvement.
  • Technology infrastructure: focusing on the technology, resources, and policies necessary to build the technology infrastructure for effective teaching, learning and administration.
  • Professional learning: focuses on the development of leaders, and the education and accountability of teachers, administrators and other educators.
  • 21st Century teaching and learning: covering all aspects of technology use in the learning environment.
  • Virtual schooling / eLearning: covering all aspects of designing, choosing and evaluating and implementing online courses and eLearning experiences for students.

Keynote speakers

  • Alan November - Leading Educational Technology Consultant
  • Adam Elliot - Academy Award® Winning Director
  • Gary Stager - Executive Director The Constructivist Consortium
  • Sylvia Martinez - Generation Yes
  • Tom March - 'Bright Ideas for Education'
  • Chris Rogers - Tufts University
  • 'On the Couch with Jeff Richardson' - (ABC - The Coodabeens)

Who is this conference for?

This conference is for all educators who use of ICT in teaching and learning. This conference will help you discover new strategies for the use of the computer in the classroom, and inspire you to use ICT tools in appropriate and effective ways for the development of student outcomes.

This conference is for:

  • Secondary teachers across all curriculum areas
  • Primary classroom teachers and specialists
  • Managers of learning technologies in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, through to tertiary institutions
  • Principals and school leadership teams
  • School network managers and technicians; and
  • Tertiary ICT educators and consultants.

This is a national conference with an international focus, featuring prominent Australian and overseas speakers and educators. The conference program will provide a comprehensive selection of best practice occurring in our own classrooms throughout the states and territories. Be assured, this conference will showcase the latest ICT initiatives taking place in our schools.

Diary this event now, 6-9 April 2010.


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