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You Are Never Alone image

Kerrie has been blogging at since September 2006, raising issues and generating discussion about Australian Education. She is passionate about online communities and their ability to connect people and assist them in their professional development or simply as a complement to their day to day life.

ICT Tim'sBlog image

Tim's blog captures current educational trends and the work he is doing with his students.

Thinkers of the World Unite image

This blogging site is using a web 2.0 technology to focus upon thinking. It is intended to be used for the educational community anywhere from year 2 to 9. It is attempting to create a community of thinkers in schools.


One of the most comprehensive support sites available for teachers and students of the senior IT curriculum in Victoria. Mark's IT exam post mortems are legendary.

Bright Ideas Blog image

Bright ideas is a blog by the School Library Association of Victoria to help school library staff share ideas on how they can use Web 2.0 tools in their library and in their school. Often uncovers some real gems - also running a great twitter feed.

More than just knowing stuff!

Helen Otway is an ICTEV State Council member and her blog is an invaluable resource of ideas and activities. She reflects on her journey as a teacher and learner using 21st century technologies and pedagogy. Well worth a nomination for this award!

Bits and Pieces Place

Steph's blog is chock-full of great resources and ideas that can be transferred straight to your classroom.


A consistently engaging and relevant podcast that is appropriate for the Australian educator, providing information, reviews, links, and entertaining discussion about the uses of web 2.0 technology in Australian Schools It is the main podcast I listen to, and always provides me with a really fantastic range of ideas and help. Susan Tapp

Staff PD - Staff Professional Development and Annual Reviews made easy!

An Australian designed and developed solution specifically targeted at Professional Development and Annual Review processes in schools. StaffPD is delivered as a fully maintained service, available 24/7 and allows:

•Excel compatible import of school data
•Unlimited secure data storage allowing a fully paperless process
•A variety of reporting formats including summaries, individual reports and annual statements
•Fully maintainable and customisable by your staff
•Cost effective and efficient, saving your school both time and money
•Ready to use within 24 hours

Digital-Learning: Mathematics, Computer Technology and Education

This site is intended for those responsible for facilitating, coaching and making young people learn how to learn with technology. The author is the webmaster, and everything is created by using programming code (HTML/DHTML/XML, etc.). This site is authentic because they are research papers, conference papers (refereed and non-refereed) presented in international conferences, like SITE 2007(Society for Information Technology and Education), USA and EDMEDIA 2008(World Conference on Educational Multimemedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications), Vienna, Austria.

Rhondda's Reflections - wandering around the Web

Visit Rhondda's blog to keep abreast of all the latest technology tools which are described in detail with recommendations for use in the classroom. This blog also keeps you up to date with literature and authors relevant to secondary school education.
Rhonda has been a consistent teacher librarian blogger for a number of years. Her regular postings support the teaching staff at Whitefriars College in Donvale and are a great source of new ideas.

The Space

This is a site maintained by Miriam Tanti, an educator with a passion for ICT integration. This blog is about the creation and sharing of ideas and tools that educators can utilise in their learning environments to engage, motivate and really transform the learning environment.


Whilst in its initial stages, TheCafe is a Twibe set-up in Twitter to aid preservice teachers in establishing a community of practice. Not only are they able to support each other, locate and broadcast resources and share experiences and advice through tweets but the use of Twitter has broadened their exposure to national and global education-based communities with ease. This is a community of learners and educators that will continue well into their teaching careers.

Soul Food Cafe

Heather Blakey is a creative writer and technology evangelist. Through 'Soul Food Cafe' we see only a part of her talent as an educator and her ability to bring others along on her journey. Through her blog and professional development activities, Heather supports and encourages the creativity in all learners.

Mr Robbo - the PE Geek

Jarrod Robinson is a Physical Education teacher in country Victoria, Australia. He has combined PE and ICT to produce inspirational ideas for learning. He is passionate about engaging students in the use of web 2.0 tools with classes. Through his blog Jarrod discusses ideas and practical experience relating to the application of his innovations to learning. His blog has a personal voice and in conjunction with his other professional sharing, supports the amazing innovation being seen in school PE departments.

My other blog - John Pearce

John moved from from the classroom to professional consultancy a couple of years ago. He's an enthusiastic and knowledgeable ICT in education professional who has generously supported Victoria educators for many years. This blog is an example of the support and inspiration John has given so freely.

Dramatech Space

This blog is maintained by Kim Flintoff. He is employed by Curtin University of Technology (Office of Teaching and Learning, School of Regional, Remote and eLearning) as an Instructional Designer, staff mentor as they transition to Flexible Learning strategies, and project manages a range of undertakings. Kim is an active conference presenter. In addition to his active leadership of the Creative Arts learning community, Kim manages an island in Second Life. He also maintains the Drama Education site

Maths Class

MathsClass is 'about teaching and learning in the Maths classroom'. Written by Simon Job, is an electrical engineer who turned to teaching and is now in his fifth year of maths teaching in a public high school (Yrs 7-10) in Western Sydney, Australia. Rob's blog includes his reflections and ideas for classroom practice, lesson plans and all resources relating to maths. Quite a gold mine.

Plu Rambles

Geography teacher and ICT integrator combines his professional and recreational life. He blogs about the integration of technology into learning sprinkled with stories from his passion for running.

Twitter: tina_p

Tina is a specialist teacher in Greek language who is a very active collaborator on Twitter. Sharing resources is obviously a passion for her.

Klasse 9 Deutsch!

Belinda Flint, a language teacher from Bendigo uses this wiki, as the name suggests, with her Year 9 German class. She is a LOTE Curriculum Area Leader, German teacher, interested in innovation, web2.0 technology especially in LOTE. Good work Beninda.

Talberts Tech Talk

Elaine Talbert is a Sydney high school Principal who is leading by example. She has been a blogger for a number of years describing herself as having 'a passion for learning and I like to keep up to date with thoughts, theories and tools that could improve student motivation, engagement and learning.' A Personal Learning journey in action!

Fiction is like a box of chocolates
Brave New World

A very thoughtful blog about the whys and wherefores about using a range of technologies for learning and teaching. Tania raises issues and shares her thoughts and discoveries about how to work with teachers to deliver some of the best opportunities to students

Classroom Chronicles

Frustrated with the fact that so many of my colleagues were failing to fully integrate technology into their teaching programs, I decided to immerse myself in all aspects of social media and a variety of technological tools. The outcome has been beyond all my expectations both professionally and personally rewarding. I have grown exponentially as a teacher and learner, gradually I am seeing positive results from my colleagues. My blog is reflective and questioning it deals with real issues of the primary classroom and judging by the comments it is hitting the spot with my readers.

Jamieson Kane: E-learning and Media Education

Written by an experienced Australian media studies and e-learning educator:

Jamieson Kane is an Australian teacher of Language Arts and Media Studies, specialising in Digital Storytelling. He has been teaching in the classroom for over ten years and has also been the e-learning facilitator at his school for seven years. He has presented papers at international conferences such as NECC and ISTE, as well as many Australian Conferences such as ACEC, in the areas of Media, ICT, and Education.

HCC Web 2 COWs - Collaborative Online Workspaces for Staff and Students image

The HCC Web 2 Domain is an online space where staff and students of the Hunter Central Coast Region of the NSW Department of Education can own Moodles, Sharepoints, and Blogs. The HCC COWs allow staff and students to connect, collaborate and create. It has been dreamed about, designed, and developed by Roger Pryor, School Education Director for the Newcastle School Education Area.


Before joining Moodle HQ in Perth Tomaz was a teacher, and some of his posts on using Moodle to support learning really shifted my perspective away from the tool itself and back to the underpinning pedagogy, and so Tomaz gets my nomination.


This site offers a fun and interactive way to learn physics for advanced physics students at the high school level or first year university students. The multimedia design is well aligned with evidence based guidelines from the field of multimedia learning whilst also reflecting the vast experience of an accomplished content-expert. Most of all it has a creative commons licence, is visited by over 2,000 unique visitors per day and provides downloadable reusable learning objects that are appearing on blogs, powerpoints and other educational websites the world over.


Jenny has been blogging about school libraries and the impact of technology for a long time now. Her amazing commitment to helping other teachers is shown through her posts and her many presentations at conferences locally, nationally and internationally.

Jenny is a trendsetter within in her field and is supportive, approachable and informative to her vast network.


Camilla Elliott is an outstanding teacher librarian who has an incredible knowledge of technology. She shares many links and ideas and poses many pedagogical questions in her blog.


Chris works tirelessly to promote the meaningful application of ICT in education - that is, ICT that supports learning and is closely connected to curriculum. His blog includes not only commentary on current and upcoming issues, but his support work such as video tutorials, podcasts etc are an incredibly useful source of information for his colleagues who work in this field, particularly in Australia where Chris's knowledge of our curriculum and education-context issues are very valuable.

IWB Revolution

This site is an adjunct to the book The IWB Revolution. While there is a range of issues discussed, there is a focus on staff development and uses of iwbs outside of the mainstream. The moderator is an active voice in discussions. The site provides a place for extended discussion of issues raised in the book.

Contemporary Learning

Paul Stewart is an eLearning specialist who works with secondary schools to implement ICT into their practice. Paul shares his knowledge generously. His enthusiasm for writing is evident in his blog which typically consists of longer length articles posted approx monthly. It's interesting to read the process he used to write a novel via a wiki. Theory into practice.

eMug : Eastern Mac Users Group

Convened by Adam Brice and Sue Tapp, eMug brings together educators and everyday Mac enthusiasts from the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne to share ideas and discover new ones. This site provides support to educators at at time when Macs are becoming increasingly popular with schools.

Virtual Life Education New Zealand

Edublogs runner up for 'Best educational use of virtual worlds' This blog by the New Zealand virtual world education group, Second Life Education New Zealand (SLENZ), is a research project in the on-line virtual world of Second Life for New Zealand educators to pilot at least two projects into determining how multi-user virtual environments (MUVEs) might benefit New Zealand education and how this can best be done. By sharing it through this site, we are all able to benefit.

Primary School Sites, Lessons, Resources

This site is an excellent resource for any teacher. It saves me heaps of time.

Hey Jude Online image

Judy O'Connell's pedigree in the ICT area has been recognised over a long period of time by the large number of nominations and awards she has received including being a representative on Horizon K12 Edition Advisory Board. Like all of the best edubloggers, during this period Judy has consistently identified trends, raised issues and shared her discoveries in her own inimitable style. Judy is so generous in assembling and sharing one of the most extensive web based list of tools in her A-Z Toolkit, plus also making available online almost all of her presentations.


Created by Bill Kerr and Tony Forster, this is an attempt to come to grips with the bewildering complexity of the surprising number of learning theories that are out there. Using the collaborative format of a wiki, this website has grown to become a deep and comprehensive analysis.

Super Scoopers super7scoopers

This site is newly under construction and established for the purpose of developing internet protocol, awareness and safety. It began as a teacher lead space and is slowly having the students select the content and presentation of the site. Eventually, it is hoped that the students will be the scoopers seeking out and sharing the news...


Mr Lamshed's class

Jarrod has done amazing things with his all boys class. They have reached out to others across the globe and because of that are now planning a trip to New Zealand later this year to extend their collaboration with a NZ class even further.

The boys raised a significant amount of money last year for childhood cancer, and this year they have encouraged global participation through their sister blog Clippers for Cancer. They have been pledged almost $2000 so far.

The Teacher Toolbox

Adrian Bruce's blog is to the point and has practical ideas for using in the classroom. Stephen Collis

Generosity going back a long time. Adrian works hard to produce practical, inspiring useful material & makes it available to all comers. His site is not static. New material is continually appearing. Teacher Toolbox is a vibrant, utilitarian, never ending journey sprinkled with pedagogic treats. Minh McCloy


The content. The site is dedicated to usable teacher content. It's well organised, easy to access, and translates directly into classroom use. Stephen Collis

Adrian Bruce's website is one I recommend to teachers regularly. The range of resources Adrian makes available is so diverse and caters for teachers across the spectrum from those who are only just beginning to dabble in the use of ICTs to those who are looking for tips on the latest great web tools. I also enjoy reading Adrian's blog, to which there is a link on this website. Heather Harmer

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