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  1. How do I buy a ticket, checkout and get an invoice?
  2. I have a ticket, what do I do next?
  3. How do I allocate tickets?
  4. How do I complete myACEC profile?
  5. How do I select sessions for the conference?
  6. To whom should I make the cheque out?

1. How do I buy a ticket, checkout and get an invoice?

Ticket Selection
1. Click on Get a Ticket!
2. Select the tickets you want by clicking the Add to cart button
3. Review your choices in the shopping cart at the bottom of the screen, and click CHECKOUT when satisfied.

Customer Information
1. Provide an email address. This is where the Tax Invoice will be sent.
2. Set a password.  This is so you can login to the website again to check or update details.
3. Enter the Home address of the person attending the conference, and the address of the school or organisation paying for the ticket. Or check the box saying "I'm paying for myself, my home address is the billing address."

Payment details
Select Cheque or Credit Card. If you select Credit Card, you'll be asked for the card details. If you select Cheque, you just need to post a cheque, with a copy of the invoice which will be emailed to you once you've finished registering.

Order comments
This is an optional field, you can use to add any relevant information.

Review and Submit Order
Click REVIEW ORDER to confirm the details. On the next screen click SUBMIT ORDER to proceed or BACK to start again. Unfortunately your previous details will not be saved due to website security settings.

Ticket Allocation
If the tickets are for other people, click on ticket allocation to provide their name, position and email address. A login will be created for them automatically and they will be notified by email.


2.I have a ticket, what do I do next?

Did you buy extra tickets for colleagues?

YES - Please allocate tickets to your colleagues. We need to know their name, position and email address. The system will send them an email asking them to login and complete their profile, including professional interests and personal dietary and accessibility requirements.  You can allocate tickets now or complete your profile so you can login again and allocate tickets at a later stage.NO - If you only purchased tickets for yourself complete your profile including professional interests, personal dietary and accessibility requirements. Once you have completed your profile you can login at any stage to view the status of your registration, and pre-select sessions once the conference program has been finalised.
  1. Allocate tickets to your colleagues
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Ask your colleagues to complete their profiles and choose their conference sessions
  1. Allocate your ticket to yourself
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Choose your conference sessions
Note: Remind everyone you've put tickets for to login to the website and choose their conference sessions!Note: You can't choose sessions until you've allocated your ticket


3. How do I allocate tickets?

After logging in to the site, click on 'myACEC' and then on 'ALLOCATE TICKETS'.

Did you buy extra tickets for colleagues?


You should enter their first name, surname, organisation and their email address in the fields provided. This will create a login for them on the ACEC2010 website and send them an email with their login details, so make sure the email address you enter is correct.

When you complete all the fields, click Save ticket allocations.

Check the 'One ticket is allocated to me' checkbox and click Save ticket allocations.

You can do this for all ticket types.

You can come back at any time and change the ticket allocations. Once a ticket has been allocated to someone, they are able to choose conference sessions.

4. How do I complete myACEC profile?

The myACEC profile consists of two parts.

Click 'Edit Details'
There is an account section and my profile section.

Account lists your email address, allows you to change your password, upload a picture, add a signature for use in comments, as well as a few other account related settings.

My profile asks for information relevant to your conference registration.

  • Your name, position and organisation. This will be listed on your badge. Please make sure it is accurate.
  • Your contact details and your interests.
  • Dietary or Accessibility requirements.
  • Your Bio - this is especially important if you are a speaker, as it will appear on the website, and be used to introduce your session at the conference.
  • Add a blog or website address if you would like it listed in your profile.
  • Education Sector details are optional, however if you are from Victoria we would appreciate this extra information to assist us meet our reporting obligations.

5. How do I select sessions for the conference?

Once you have bought a ticket to ACEC2010, you can choose sessions to create your own personalised conference program. Here's how.

Click on My Program under myACEC in the menu on the left of the screen. This will show you a list of all the session times available for your ticket type.

Click 'Sessions' to view what's available in each timeslot. You can change sessions, or remove a choice once made. Note that workshop sessions have limited seats and these are filling quickly.

You can also select sessions by viewing the program - an 'Add to my program' button appears on the abstract of sessions on the days available on your ticket.

Everyone is invited to join us for the Welcome cocktail party, regardless of which days they are coming to the conference. Make sure you choose the cocktail party to let us know you're coming for catering purposes.

6. To whom do I make the cheque out?

Make your cheque out to ICT in Education Victoria Inc. and post it to

ICT in Education Victoria
Statewide Resources Centre
150 Palmerston Street
Carlton  VIC  3053

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