Study Tour opportunity - Students as technology leaders

Are you interested in finding out about the student led programs Sylvia Martinez outlined in her Keynote address? Does a combined conference and study tour to the US sound interesting? Contact me on

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Howdy ACEC2010 conference goers!

Session and Conference evaluation forms are now available on the website! Just hit the Feedback button! We would really value your feedback about the conference, and the individual sessions you've attended.


Gary Stager - on the road to ACEC2010

Keynote speaker Gary Stager whipped up a video for us as he begins his journey down under from the Big Apple. As well as delivering a keynote address on the final day of the conference, Gary has agreed to get the party started with an intimate breakfast bright and early on Tuesday as part of our pre-conference program. There are still a few tickets left if you'd like an opportunity to not only listen to Gary Stager, but engage in a deeper dialogue.

Here's the vid.

Gary Stager's ACEC 2010 Video from Gary Stager on Vimeo.

Innovative education: digital drivers

John Lenders, Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Victorian GovernmentThe Victorian Government is delighted to welcome you to ACEC2010: Digital Diversity, Australia’s premier forum for new and exciting ideas in digital education.

With digital solutions ubiquitous in daily life and work, developing ICT skills at primary, secondary and tertiary levels is crucial, as is informing young people about ICT career choices through programs such as Victoria's ICT: Start Here. Go Anywhere careers awareness campaign.

ICT is integral to excellence in education, fundamentally transforming the learning experience for educators and students alike.  Digital platforms are making education more accessible, flexible and fun, helping young people to see possibilities that were previously only in their imagination.

At ACEC2010: Digital Diversity, leaders in the digital education revolution will explore new and creative pathways to growing the knowledge and skills that will enable young Australians to build successful futures in a world of rapid and constant change.

I wish all ACEC2010 participants an exciting and productive experience here in Melbourne.


John Lenders
Minister for Information and Communication Technology


ACEC2010 and the iPod Touch

grab an ipod touch at the conference to ensure you have the latest program and updates!ACEC2010 is a 'BYO wireless device' conference. So as not to disadvantage delegates without a smartphone or laptop, ACEC2010 has arranged to have 400 iPod Touch devices available on loan. Conference proceedings, late breaking news, presenter profiles and conference news will all be published online so everyone can get the latest info in real time! 

ACCE Australasian Educational Media Awards

edsoft: leaders in e-learning solutions



This new award from the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) is generously sponsored by Edsoft, Australia's leading provider of educational resources and software.

This year at ACEC2010, ACCE would like to acknowledge the contribution of Australasian educators who support the learning community through blogs, wikis, podcasts, forums, mailing lists, virtual communities and other internet resources.

These days, while interacting within a global learning community, we don’t always have the opportunity to discover some of the good work occurring locally within our region. That’s why entries are called for this competition from the Australasian region i.e. Australia, New Zealand, or Oceania. If you know of a blog, podcast, wiki or some other educational media site from the Australasian region, nominate it to be listed for voting by the ACEC2010 community. You may even wish to nominate your own work!

Wear it on your sleeve!

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