HCC Web 2 COWs - Collaborative Online Workspaces for Staff and Students

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The HCC Web 2 Domain is an online space where staff and students of the Hunter Central Coast Region of the NSW Department of Education can own Moodles, Sharepoints, and Blogs. The HCC COWs allow staff and students to connect, collaborate and create. It has been dreamed about, designed, and developed by Roger Pryor, School Education Director for the Newcastle School Education Area.

The site reaches all corners of the educational compass, reaching from Moodles for the digital and interactive whiteboard classroom, wordpress blogs for presentation downloads and school/community links, through to sharepoints that a variety of regional consultants use to support schools. The Moodle Sandbox site is particularly popular as it has become a place for online professional learning opportunities.

Nearly 1 in 5 schools (and their K-12 Classrooms) in the region have a site hosted with this domain. The COWs allow for a safe, pedagogically sound environment that allows flexibility and ownership to individual site adminsitrators.

Without the HCC COWs the students and staff of the Hunter/Central Coast Region would not be experiencing the positive benefits of the Digital Education Revolution that has come it's way.
Second nomination of this site by Jan Green
Outstanding space available to all schools, teachers, students, parents and community members in the Hunter Central Coast Region, DET, NSW. The space models the power of transforming learning and leading by providing training, models, infrastructure and powerful forums that are driven from a context of sharing, learning and empowerment.

The site combines interactive learning, school Moodles, Wordpress blogs, Sharepoint, a sandbox development site, professional readings, tutorials, mashups and presentations.

Its through this site that I see amazing and exciting opportunities for engagement and creativity within the constructs and context of our curriculum, learning, teaching, support and infrastructure.

This site models true leadership and commitment to technology. It's innovative and fun to explore. No wonder the students in the Hunter are so excited about their learning! No wonder the teachers are so excited about and engaged in their teaching and in their learning!

First class!



The BEaST 'real' use of tools for learning! 'Built it, they came' and now are mooving to 'Free Range'! COWs are 'outta' site! Branded with the 3 C's! Mul

As a teacher new to the area I am impressed with what Roger and HCC have been putting in place. Keep it up!

As we all search for ways to engage our students in today's climate of technological advancement, the HCC Web 2 COWs, enables students, teachers and the wider community to learn together and to bring education into the 21st century.

I have only just begun the journey but the potential that I see excites me and motivates me to further my own learning.

Like Jan Im not sure if I got the voting right but definitely 5 stars.

Has proven potential in acting as a launching pad for educators across the Hunter Central Coast region to take their visions for technology and make them a physical reality in the classroom. Top level support with an emphasis on building capacity. I've likened using it to driving with training wheels on. Has my vote

The support for Moodle is great! This has inspired myself and more importantly, other teachers to integrate it into their teaching and learning programs.

Great site - allows communication to be effective, professional and collegial. there is also a great deal of creativity involved which pushes the intellectual quality of both teaching and support for schools.
It is also a resource which empowers classroom teachers, and the broader school community.

Great site, thanks for sharing with all Roger!

Focused on sharing and spreading the word, HCC team deserve this award! Even with all the great sites up for voting, HCC team promotes the wide and varied role of the learner and the teacher.

The HCC COWs have become part of the dialogue in so many HCC schools. Knowing that we are helping so many teacher, students and parents to conenct, collaborate and create is wonderful. Roger has worked 24/7 to actualise his HCC COWs dream.

Yes, the voting works, finally. 5 stars from me.

As a uni student I have found this site to be inspirational. I've been able to connect with a lot of people from HCC and I have been motivated to try new things. I love that it has wordpress, Moodle, sandbox.

A really great example of connection, collaboration and creativity.

Roger has been really helpful and always willing to give time and energy. Real pay it forward stuff.

HCC COWS has my vote for sure.

Great site. I love it. Its about creating opportunities for teachers to share and grow so that students can benefit. I love thats its coordinated at such a high level and includes so many different aspects. brilliant - Well done HCC team!!!

Roger and his team were fantastic in setting up my wordpress blog, they accommodated all my designs. It is a great way to set up a blog and be guided the whole way through the process. The site is great Two thumbs up for me!

My students and I love the opportunities this site has provided us. Moodle is our online classroom, we love it!

Hands down winner in my eyes. Simple as that.

Thanks for providing us with such a great teaching and learning tool that we can use in all of our classrooms. The kids at my school love the moodle we set up through HCC Web 2 COWs.

Brillant example of how a simple idea, empowering all those people, takes off and becomes a source of inspiration and collaboration, bringing lots of people along for the ride.

I abosultely love what Roger and his team have done with moodle and wordpress.

I am inspired to reach for a regional job so I can emulate this model of communication, collaboration and creativity.

You guys get my vote - awesome!!

Excellent space for my students to connect, create and collaborate. My students are highly engaged and producing some fantastic digital projects to support teaching and leanring in the classroom, through our Moodle!

Seems that you may need to leave a comment to get the vote to register.

This is definitely a winner in my eyes. Love the collaboration that is in place here.
I vote this site as a winner as well.

I vote for this site as the winner of the awards. User friendly, accessible, pay it forward, about student learning and teacher professional learning. Great example.

Not sure how this voting thing works!!!!! But definitely want to register my vote (1)for HCC Web 2 COWS If its about the number of stars then I would rate it as 5 stars

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