Innovative education: digital drivers

John Lenders, Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Victorian GovernmentThe Victorian Government is delighted to welcome you to ACEC2010: Digital Diversity, Australia’s premier forum for new and exciting ideas in digital education.

With digital solutions ubiquitous in daily life and work, developing ICT skills at primary, secondary and tertiary levels is crucial, as is informing young people about ICT career choices through programs such as Victoria's ICT: Start Here. Go Anywhere careers awareness campaign.

ICT is integral to excellence in education, fundamentally transforming the learning experience for educators and students alike.  Digital platforms are making education more accessible, flexible and fun, helping young people to see possibilities that were previously only in their imagination.

At ACEC2010: Digital Diversity, leaders in the digital education revolution will explore new and creative pathways to growing the knowledge and skills that will enable young Australians to build successful futures in a world of rapid and constant change.

I wish all ACEC2010 participants an exciting and productive experience here in Melbourne.


John Lenders
Minister for Information and Communication Technology


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