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ACEC2010 invites proposals for refereed papers as well as submissions for non-refereed papers, workshops, panels and posters for ACEC 2010 in Melbourne from April 7th to 9th, 2010 with pre-conference sessions on 6th April.

Please note: All papers and proposals must be submitted electronically via a web form.

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ACEC 2010 is being hosted by ICT in Education Victoria (ICTEV) on behalf of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE).

If you can share your story, you will complement other excellent contributions from across Australia and the word in a variety of formats included in the conference program. The conference theme is DiGITAL DiVERSITY.

The conference will examine the diverse ways that ICT can maximize each student's potential through their personal learning styles. It will investigate how ICT can allow all people including those with diverse skills and thinking strategies become lifelong creative learners. We aim to include a broad range of contributions to make ACEC2010 in Melbourne a conference to remember.

Submissions due

Refereed papers All other sessions
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The call for refereed papers is now closed and the review process in  
now progress. As reviews are completed, authors will be notified of  
the outcome.

Before uploading your final PDF please make sure you have used the  
latest acec2010 conference template (updated Nov 19, 2009)
Thank you for your patience, we anticipate that all reviewing will be  
completed by the first week of December.Upload PDF made using the acec2010 conference template:

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Full Details - 28th February, 2010
(online form)

Poster - 28th February, 2010
(online form - attach photograph)


Contributing Papers

Selection of conference papers will be based on the full paper, rather than the abstract. You will be expected to contribute either a full paper or complete description of a workshop or symposia.

Papers and proposals will be submitted electronically directly onto the ACEC2010 Conference website. You will complete an online form including your contact email, proposal abstract, session type and session keywords, as well as upload your full paper in PDF format. References and citations should follow APA style guidelines.

Presentation Options

Authors are encouraged to address the conference theme: DiGITAL DiVERSITY.
The conference is offering speakers a range of presentation types. Specific guidelines for each publication are described later in this document.


30 minute session - both refereed paper and non-refereed papers usually with a research focus.

  • Refereed/Reviewed papers can be articles relating to research, theoretical articles, and position or policy papers.
  • Non Refereed/Reviewed papers can be papers relating to practice or policy.

A maximum of 3,500 words with a focus on Australian or international research, exploration of new ideas, articles of national interest, exploration of policy and so on.

A 400 word abstract is due now, closing soon, with a full paper required by the 30th September 2009. Presentation files should be loaded to the ACEC2010 conference website prior to the session. These papers will be electronically published as part of the conference proceedings.


45 minute session.
Practical focus should be on the use of ICT in educational settings with time for demonstrations and discussion.
A 400 word outline is required and presentation files should be loaded to the ACEC2010 conference website prior to the session.


90 minute, interactive, hands-on session.
These sessions are BYO laptop only. Delegates must BYO laptop in order to participate fully in the session. Wireless internet will be available however delegates must be informed prior to the event if internet access is required. If specialised software is required delegates must be supplied with the software during the session or given the option to download the software prior to participating.

A 400 word outline is required and presentation files should be loaded to the ACEC2010 conference website prior to the session


90 minute session symposium.
These sessions should encourage delegates to debate controversial and hotly contested issues. A 400 word outline is required and presentation files should be loaded to the ACEC2010 conference website prior to the session.

Speed Sharing

60 minute sessions, 8 presenters x 7 minutes. (Based on Pecha Kucha school of presentation)
If you don't want to present a full paper or workshop but have something you can share in 7 minutes consider a Speed Sharing session. You will be allowed 20 images (PowerPoint) each will be shown for 20 seconds and automatically forwarded. This gives you 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, interest level up, and gives more people the chance to share. We may ask you to repeat these sessions.

A 200 word outline is required and presentation files should be loaded to the ACEC2010 conference website prior to the session


60 minute session.
An unconference session is a discussion centered around a theme or purpose. Similar to Birds of a Feather. Each room has a topic. One person is the host (but not the presenter). Encourages like minded people to share, discuss, question the topic. Examples of topics might be: Second Life, Blogging, Twitter, Moodle, Technical and technician issues, leadership, classroom implications, policy, and so on. If you would like to host an unconference session on a topic of your choice register your topic and willingness to host with the program committee.


Displayed in Trade Show Area.
Usually presentation of research in progress, teaching and learning, or technology application ideas in a poster format. Posters are displayed for the entire conference and a time is set aside for the author/s to attend their poster for discussion and feedback.
A 200 word outline is required and a digital copy of the poster should be loaded to the ACEC2010 conference website prior to the session

Key words

Presenters are expected to list three key words/phrases that apply to their session. Examples of key words might be: professional learning, early childhood, classroom practice, research, future trends and so on.

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