2007 – 2011 ….. A 21st Century Learning Odyessy

Lee Sansom

on Wednesday, 7 April 2010 16:40 - 17:20 in room 212

Ferryden Park CPC- 7 school is a highly multicultural Category 1 disadvantaged school in the north western suburbs of South Australia, one of four schools in South Australia that is a DECS Learning Technologies Research School.

Since 2007 the school community has been on a journey of discovery and reculturing that has reformed our thinking and practice about pedagogy, learning & learning spaces ( both physical & virtual ) suitable for the 21st century

The presentation will take you through aspects of our journey based around the question;
“What should 21st century learning look like for our students/children, what technology would support this and what knowledge and skills do we need to develop to achieve this?

The development of a Professional Learning Community has been the nucleus of our journey. The key aspects have been:
• Shared Vision
• Leadership/ Personnel
• Professional Learning based on a cycle of collaborative inquiry & continuous improvement
• Pedagogy for the Z generation
• 21st Century tools and infrastructure
• Administration

This is how you cite this paper:

Sansom, L. (2010). 2007 – 2011 ….. A 21st Century Learning Odyessy In D. Gronn, & G. Romeo (Eds) ACEC2010: Digital Diversity. Conference Proceedings of the Australian Computers in Education Conference 2010, Melbourne 6-9 April. Carlton, Victoria: Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACEC). Retrieved from, http://acec2010.acce.edu.au/proposal/1100/2007-%E2%80%93-2011-%E2%80%A6-21st-century-learning-odyessy

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