Teaching IT Totally Online

Richard Kelly

on Wednesday, 7 April 2010 11:30 - 12:30 in room 217


Senior IT subjects require the use of several different types of software to learn database creation, SQL, programming, artificial intelligence, etc. Traditionally, these would be separate software packages installed on individual computers, requiring individual software licences, appropriate computer permissions and installation time.

There is a much easier method – you can teach IT using online applications. This workshop will demonstrate the software, notes and activities on IPT Online (www.ipto.com.au) and explore how the Virtual Schooling Service in Queensland teaches senior IT to students across the state using online applications and web conferencing tools.


IPT Online contains interactive textbook style notes, student activities with real time interaction with the teacher, and software applications designed to replace locally installed software packages. The units of work included are algorithm design and programming, information system design, SQL, artificial intelligence using expert systems and artificial neural networks, and web development using PHP and MySQL. The site allows teachers to monitor student progress through integrated activities (and the ability to create custom activities), and provides students with a package of self-paced notes and online exercises.

This workshop will guide participants through the use of the software on IPT Online and provide the opportunity to see and use the software from a student and teacher perspective. The only requirements to use the site are Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher (although many features can be used in other browsers as well) and an Internet connection. No software setup is required – everything runs within your web browser.

The site is in use by dozens of schools across Queensland and is used by the Virtual Schooling Service to teach students at over 50 schools. IPT Online has been designed and developed by Richard Kelly, coordinator of the Virtual Schooling Service (Information Processing and Technology) and coordinator and teacher of senior IPT at Stanthorpe State High School.

A free six month unlimited seat licence will be provided to all participants of the workshop.

This is how you cite this paper:

Kelly, R. (2010). Teaching IT Totally Online In D. Gronn, & G. Romeo (Eds) ACEC2010: Digital Diversity. Conference Proceedings of the Australian Computers in Education Conference 2010, Melbourne 6-9 April. Carlton, Victoria: Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACEC). Retrieved from, http://acec2010.acce.edu.au/proposal/302/teaching-it-totally-online

All delegates attending this session must bring and ensure:

Bring a laptop. Internet Explorer 6 or higher and an Internet connection required. Most features will also work in non-IE browsers. No other software required.

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