ICTELT in Action: Applying ICT Enhanced Learning Programme Design

Hazel Owen

on Wednesday, 7 April 2010 14:30 - 15:00 in room 213

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At Unitec NZ practitioners have been involved in adapting existing programmes, and developing new ones, which integrate Information Communication Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (ICTELT) with face-to-face approaches. Although the practitioners are often experienced course designers, they will initially focus on the technology as opposed to the pedagogy, and sometimes be overwhelmed by the range of tools available. Furthermore, even though numerous instructional design process models and frameworks are available, many appear to be unsuitable because of barriers such as resource expectations, inaccessible jargon and ICT skills requirements.

The ICTELT process model and conceptual design framework was therefore developed to answer the question “Where do I start?” and to help guide practitioners through the design process. The model, framework, mindmap and self-diagnostic tool use an accessible, scaffolded approach appropriate for small teams or individuals working with few resources. It has an iteractive structure that remains flexible enough for practitioners to blend approaches of their choice, while also encouraging the alignment of pedagogical perspectives and practice. Guiding questions have been designed to form a basis for collaborative discussion of design choices, ICT tool selection, and the complexity of incorporating a range of pedagogical approaches with a variety of tools. An iterative practice is encouraged whereby a design is developed, piloted, evaluated, revisited, modified and re-evaluated over time.

The ICTELT integrated approach is currently being piloted at Unitec NZ, and this paper will showcase the suite of tools, alongside experiences to date when used with practitioners.

This is how you cite this paper:

Owen, H. (2010). ICTELT in Action: Applying ICT Enhanced Learning Programme Design In D. Gronn, & G. Romeo (Eds) ACEC2010: Digital Diversity. Conference Proceedings of the Australian Computers in Education Conference 2010, Melbourne 6-9 April. Carlton, Victoria: Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACEC). Retrieved from, http://acec2010.acce.edu.au/proposal/452/ictelt-action-applying-ict-enhanced-learning-programme-design

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